k, i like Sonic, Vocoloid, anime, manga, Keroro, annnndddds food :3

Fami: Sooo what DONT you like? ;) Zoe: mmm..XD Emilio: lol

Zoe: :3 x3

Tommy:can you just tell us?

Zoe: i dont like stupid anime couples that dont make sence....AND I DONT LIKE BROCOLI!!


Zoe: Teehee~!

Fami: I expexted yu 2 say Mario x3

Tommy:once again,lol

Zoe: oh yes.. Stupid Mario >:E

Tommy:really,what did mario do to you?

Fami: To be honest, I kinda like mario :P

Tommy:so do i,but i prefer sonic.

Emilio:Link, all the way X3

Tommy:oh heck yeah! two legend of zelda fans in da house

Emilio:oh yeah baby!

Tommy:High five!

Emilio: I dont do....high fives.....

Tommy:aww,now i feel alone.

Emilio:....fist bump?


Emilio:wahatevs :P

Zoe: air hugs :D

Tommy:what's an air hug

Emilio: ZOZO U BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe: im not back, i only sneak on here. but hopefully i will be back soon, ill beg my mom for my computer on my birthday x3 and tommy, an air hug is a hug to a person in the air :3

Tommy:oh,but when is your birthday?

Emilio: I think it was March 6th right zoe?


Zoe: yep..