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This is the Sonic RP! Here you take the role of a fan-made Sonic charecter, and do whatever!

Edit under these words to begin!

Blast: this is strange, no one is here.

Looks around*

  • Sees blast* hm? u look lost...
  • Blast: Mayuki! where are we? no one is here!

Mayuki: what do i care? atleast were away from that annoying blue hedgehog... but i miss Shadow TT.TT

Blast: so true, so true........ Mayuki: well anyways why did u follow me? this is my hide out...

Blast: I didnt follow YOU! you foundme! i had no idea wher i was........ Mayuki: *smirks* orealy? r u sure? or were u just curious of where i was going?

Blast: Ugh........ you really need to grow up. Flies away*

Mayuki: HEY!! *shakes fist at him* I'm only 14!!

Blast: Looks back* "I know!"

Mayuki: *sticks toungey...last: Bab at him and walks away* i think HE needs to grow up!!

Blast: @base. watching TV but there is nothing on because of apacolypse. "aww man!" gos to fight monster* "calls Mayuki* "cmon, im bored lets go beat someone up!"

Mayuki: haha, no. theres nothing out here, this is where i have my peace, its like a zen garden... but there is a training place... if you can find it. my base is a labarynth andonly i can find everything.. *chaos controls to training place*

Blast: I have training monster/dummies, or R U the dummy?*grin*

Mayuki: you wish! *a bunch of swords and guns appear by my side*

don't mess with the ulimited life form *grins evily*

Blast: U sound like shadow.....U lik shadow....U hate sonic....U in love???? *laughs incontrolably*

Mayuki: gosh ur slow... Amy, Sonic, Cream and everyone else know that i like Shadow. and yes I AM in love *looks at nails*

Blast: *laughing calms down* oh, oh okay, but trust me Shadow would NEVER like U

Mayuki: *throws knifes at him* HE COULD LIKE ME!! U NEVER KNOW!!!

Blast: *catches* I do. *Goes 2 base*

Mayuki: *stomps foot* *looks down and looks as if is about to cry*

Blast: Baby. *Fights monster* hour later........ Im bored.....ugh. *walks to Mayukis* *knocks*

Amy: *comes to door* *gives Blast a disgusted look* you know to girls "Love" is a pretty important topic. don't try to mess with it. *slams door*

Blast: er least i know amy is alive

Shadow: *walks up to Blast* whats going on in there?

Blast: Mayukis gone mad..........and amy is also mad at me.......

Shadow: well... once one girl is mad at you every girl is mad at you... also.. she'll kill you if she sees you again. good luck

Blast: Thanks captain obvious. *knocks again* MAYUKI!!!! SHADOW IS HERE!

Mayuki: *opens door* *curses Blast in japanese*

Blast: whoa! whoa! dudette, clam down. doesnt shadow make U happy? calm........ can i come in....? I ..........AMSORRY. There i said it. happy? dont make me say it again!

Mayuki: *starts cursing him out in diffrent languages* *looks at Shadow* hi Shadow! *runs over to him*

Blast: ugh, can i or not?

Mayuki: *demonic voice* NO *turns head to Shadow* hii Shadow!! ^^

Shadow: uh, hey. cant we come in?

Blast: geeze yeah!

Mayuki:..... Shadow can.... But its up to me if Blast can

Blast: aww cmon! ive eknown U since kindergarden. Or would U care for me to tell Shadow WHY you're mad at me? *grin*

Mayuki: you tell him and i make sure thats the last breath you breathe!! Shadow: Tell me why she's mad at you Blast *evil smirk* Mayuki: NOOO!!!!

Blast: well...once upon a ---

Mayuki:* SMACK* *whispers* dooonn'ttt!!

Blast: *Whispers back* whats in it for me?

Mayuki: I'll let you win in every battle we have, plus you get first dibs to put Sonic in the hospital

Blast: hmm....the battle part is no fun...... im fine with the sonic part.......not the first one. but the second one. and i need two so i need one more *grin*

Shadow: whats going on?


Shadow: whatever *walks inside*

Sonic: *randomly runs over* hey Mayu! hey Blast! whatcha up to?

Blast: Ugh, you know i hate you.

Sonic: and I love annoying people who hate me!


Blast: we know

Sonic: but my games are so straight forward, its REALLY hard to get lost!

Shadow: *hears sonics voice* You are going down! i am the ultimate life-form!

Mayuki: oh, yeah...

Amy: *hears sonic* SONIC!!!!!!! *runs out*

Sonic: sorry, but i got to go! *runs away*

Amy: COME BACK!!!!!!!!!! sorry mayuki, remember, love! *runs off*

Mayuki: aww man.......

Mayuki: er... *starts blushing* er, love....

Shadow: what about love?


Blast: so....what now?

Shadow: oh well, lets go inside *goes inside Mayuki's house*

Blast: So...can i come in?

Mayuki: fine -_-

Blast: YAYZ! *walks in*

Mayuki: annoying -_-... *Blast sees all of the Sonic girls XD*

Blaze: LOOK ITS THE MEANER!! *she throws fire balls at him*

Blast: dodges* oh, crud........

Mayuki: *evily smile* whoopsie forgot to tell ya

Blast: help, me D:

Mayuki: heheheheh.... hey Shadow, ya' hungry?

Blast: tell them to stop, or i tell shadow

Mayuki: ugh fiiiinnne... Ok girls you can stop... -_- Marley: i don't have to stop right. Mayuki: welll..... Hmmm...

(hazama:can i join guys?) (Mayuki: sure :3)

Blast:hands and eye glow blue* yes, you do

Marley: *writes something down on a paper* perfect test subject... *looks up and smirks, her purple eyes shine*

Blast: okay then *starts to float* hey shadow! *pauses* last chance mayuki

Mayuki: th-thats her!! Not me!!

???:*breaks through the roof and falls on the floor*

Mayuki: what the?!


???: *gets up* where am i?

Blast: *whisper to mayuki* hes an outsider, lets manipulate ???: i can still hear you

Mayuki: dont worry Blast~ i got dis *winks and runs up to ???* hai :3 this MY HOUSE!!! *kicks ???*

???:OW! what was that for?!

Mayuki: you broke my freakin roof!! *kicks him again* *runs over to Shadow* he broke my roof Shadow!

Shadow: i saw that...

???:well,i'm sorry,i don't control gravity,anyways,i'm hazama

Blast: well hello. this is the planet of earth. I am the leader, The Almighty Blast.

Mayuki: *smacks Blast* no... this is Mobius, and the ruler is a princess.. -_- i hate her >:E

Hazama:who's her?

Blast: *cutting in* sorry, sometimes my......friend, the co-ruler is a bit.....well crazy.

falls from sky* Rin Kagamine: What the? I was just singing with Miku, and then *looks around* What?!?!? Hedgehogs talking??!?

Blst:How many people will fall from the sky today?!

hazama:about two so for.

Blast:Well thats obvious.

Mayuki: hedgehog...?! I AINT NO HEDGEHOG!! IMA CAT!! SEE THE EARS?! *points to my cat ears* great... i wanna slap someone now -_-".... *looks at Blast and slaps him and he falls to the ground* hehehe.... anyways... im Mayuki Takashi the cat! *points to self* i come from space colony ARK and i am a creation :3

Blast:Why you little...... anyways, yeah, shes my (not very loyal) slave :D i created her

Mayuki: *slaps him again* did not... IM FREAKIN OLDER THAN YOU!! ive been 14 for 64 years boy!! and it was my FATHER! who created me |3

Hazama:created you?

Mayuki: yesh... but my old mans gone missing and i have no idea where he is... *sighs*

Blast:Well, you never told ME that.

hazama:well if your old man's missing,lets go find him

(Can I join? ~fami)

(Emilio:i thought u already did...)

Blast:um.... how about lets not! :-3

Hazama:why? you scared to go adventuring?

Blast:No, i just dont like her! :D


Blast: thanks Mr. Sky falling guy.

Hazama:look kid,i dont even know how i got here,i'm just trying to offer some help,so shut up.

Blast:its hard for me to do that :D

Hazama:why dont I just sew it shut then?

A shadowy cocoon appears* ???: ...

Hazama:who the hell are you?

Blast:probably my dreams for you.

Hazama:your dreams must suck then.

Mayuki: *takes out gun* alright.. who ever doesnt shut up first gets shot...

Hazama: *kicks the gun out of mayuki's hands and catches it* No one's getting shot *takes gun apart*

Blast:starting to hate her yet?

Hazama:not really. are one hard to open pistachio.

Hazama:you get used to it after awhile kid.

Mayuki: Q^Q that was my favorite gun.... *runs over to Shadow* HE BROKE MY GUN!! DX


Hazama: ugh *repairs gun and gives it back to mayuki* merry christmas

Mayuki: but its not Christmas... *takes the gun and it disappears*

Hazama: I really dont care so are we going to find this chick's dad or not?!

Blast: I certainly hope not.

Hazama:well then what do you suppose we do?

Blast: *yawn* sleep?

Hazama:*notices it's dark* that would be a good idea.

Blast: *already asleep curled into a ball*

Hazama: rude much?

Blast:*Wakes up* ehwut?

Hazama:oh nothing.


Mayuki: you non-night people can sleep...imma go hunt for mice! 8D SEE YA' SUCKER! *talking to Blast XD*

Hazama:you can hunt for mice,but me *pulls out fully auto shotgun with strange engravings on it* well i'm gonna go hunt for real.

Mayuki: you know your going to scare all the animals with your loud foot steps...your going to have to be sly, as a fox... *disappears*

Hazama:*also dissapears*

Mayuki: *hunting in the froest* *already has 20 mice and a deer*

Hazama*already has 5 deer and a tiger*

Mayuki: *has 10 rabbits and three mountain lions*

Hazama: *panting* wait up ... with yah?

Mayuki: im a born hunter, cant keep up, can ya'?

Hazama: well i'm meant for trolling,not hunting dammit

Mayuki: HEHE!! *backflips away with a knife* *throws the knife and kills two birds* THOSE TWO ARE YOURS! *voice trailing off as i run off*

Hazama: YOU SUCK! *waves fist in the air*

Mayuki: *hangs frrom a tree beside him* and like you dont? your just jealous of my hunting skills... *kicks him in the head and chuckles evilly* SEE YA'~! *runs off*

Hazama:you fool. *grabs mayuki with ouroboros and yanks her back*

Blast:*with tears in his eyes* I dont believe in killing animals, which are clearly lower beings...

Hazama:well then your out of luck.

Mayuki: *grins at Blast* hey Blast... *takes a bite out of the mouse I hunted* *laughs*

Hazama:oh this will be interesting *watches blast*